Unit Description

The major approaches to business research design and conduct are under scrutiny in this unit. You will review the historical foundations and contemporary influences on the various ways in which research is utilised and understood. Exploring both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, this unit will help you to understand and develop frameworks for the application of each to business problems.


To enter into this unit, students must first have completed:

Learning Outcomes

  • Produce a written literature review document by:
    • accessing electronic database resources using various retrieval techniques;
    • critically evaluating research-focused business literature and applied research journals; framing the research question(s)
  • Produce a written research proposal that demonstrates:
    • an understanding of what comprises good research design;
    • an appreciation for qualitative and quantitative methods of gathering and analysing data;
    • ethical issues to be considered when undertaking business research
  • Demonstrate a high order of skill in analysis, critical reflection, evaluation, and professional application
  • Demonstrate creativity and flexibility in the application of knowledge and skills to new situations, to resolve problems, and to think rigorously and independently
  • Understand the major approaches and strategies used in business research and the methodological choices that are available within the alternative approaches

Graduate Attributes

AIM Business School has identified a set of attributes that positively impact graduates’ success in business as a manager and leader and these are taught, developed, and assessed to varying degrees in this unit. These Graduate Attributes are:

  • Strives for intellectual rigour
  • Understanding the changing global context
  • Manages for success
  • Demonstrates effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Develops mastery of business and management disciplines
  • Strives to be a continuous adult learner

Assessment Tasks

The successful completion of Business Research Methods relies on the submission of three assessments:

  • Assessment Task 1: Research Topic, Problem, and Literature Review (35%)
  • Assessment Task 2: Business Research Proposal (50%)
  • Assessment Task 3: Engagement and Participation (15%)