Flexibility, practicality, and accessibility.

AIM Business School is designed to support your academic journey. To ensure you can make the most out of your study without sacrificing the other commitments of your personal and professional life, our higher education programs are built around an ethos of flexibility and accessibility.

The learning content of every unit within our curriculum has been designed by leading academics to be highly guided and consumable with a variety of mediums used to help you maintain focus. We regularly update our materials to ensure relevancy for now and the future. You can access your study materials from any computer or mobile device, allowing you to learn whenever, wherever, and however is best for you.

Learning Experience

Online Study:

Every lecture is hosted online and accessible to suit the needs of individual students. Live webinars held every three weeks where real-world discussions with your facilitator and cohort may take place. With each topic, a discussion post will be made covering key questions.

  • Interactive online learning with industry relevant content
  • Engage with experienced facilitators and peers in real-time
  • Online discussion forums and live webinars with your facilitator and cohort
  • Complimentary online study resources available
  • Weekly readings

7-Week Unit Timeline:

All units follow a uniform 7-week layout to ensure learning is accelerated, consistent, and guided.

7-Week Unit Timeline

Accessible Study Opportunities


Stage-by-stage MBA:

All units at AIM Business School are stackable towards the MBA+, allowing you to progress to this pinnacle of business degrees while earning highly valuable qualifications along the way. Begin your journey with functional expertise through a specialised course or pursue the broad leadership capabilities offered by the Graduate Certificate in Management.

  • Multiple levels of course entry
  • Accredited and recognised Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diploma
  • Gain depth, breadth, and recognition of knowledge with multi-disciplinary qualifications

Recognition of Prior Learning:

We understand that many of our students will have studied before or have years of industry experience. AIM Business School is here to help you reach your potential, not teach you what you already know, which is why we recognise prior learning.

  • Recognition of appropriate qualifications/experience supported by evidence
  • Gain credit for up to 50% of your course
  • Save both time and money

Dedicated Support


Personalised Help:

AIM provides 24/7 support services, giving all students access to prompt and ongoing help with any issues or concerns they may have, both personal and academic.

  • Services include: writing feedback, referencing and study tips, and online tutoring
  • A free Academic Study Skills unit
  • Student Assistance Program (confidential wellness/counselling service)

Premier Resources:

A premier education requires access to the world’s best learning resources to assist in study. Through AIM you will gain unlimited access a variety of leading learning platforms including:

  • EBSCO (academic database)
  • IBISWorld (industry reports)
  • LinkedIn Learning (video courses/tutorials)

AIM Campuses

AIM has 5 campuses in major cities across Australia:


Level 6, 76 Waymouth Street,
Adelaide, SA 5000

AIM Campus - Adelaide, SA


Level 9, 295 Ann Street,
Brisbane, QLD 4000

AIM Campus - Brisbane, QLD


Ground Floor, 14 Childers Street,
Canberra, ACT 2601

AIM Campus - Canberra, ACT


Level 20, 380 La Trobe Street,
Melbourne, VIC 3000

AIM Campus - Melbourne, NSW


Ground floor, 7 Macquarie Place,
Sydney NSW 2000

AIM Campus - Sydney, NSW