Designed to Fit Your Life

Choose the premier business education that is designed to fit your life

When making the choice to elevate your career and knowledge, it is essential that your study complements your existing commitments. AIM Business School has specifically built the MBA+ and our other higher education programs to contribute to your existing work-life balance, not take away from it.

Choosing to study at AIM Business School means choosing an education that is delivered 100% online, highly consumable, designed to fit into your existing schedule, and supported by 1:1 coaching.

100% Online

Highly Consumable

Designed for Your Schedule

Supported by 1:1 Coaching

100% Online Study

Every lecture, every reading, and every task that makes up your degree, all of it can be accessed and completed entirely online. This allows you to study anywhere and at any time, from whichever device that you prefer, which frees you from commuting to and attending classes that absorb large blocks of your day. It also enables you to instead study in the way that best suits your learning needs, whether that means engaging in short sessions throughout the week or allocating one particular day for your work.

Interactive online learning with industry relevant content

Interactive online learning with industry relevant content

Engage with experienced facilitators and peers in real-time

Engage with experienced facilitators and peers in real-time

Online discussion forums and live webinars with your facilitator and cohort

Online discussion forums and live webinars
with your facilitator and cohort

Complimentary online study resources available

Complimentary online study resources available

Highly Consumable Learning

AIM Business School utilises a variety of video, written, and interactive media for your study tasks and the vast majority are shorter than 20 minutes. This makes studying in short sessions, such as during your commute or at the end of the day, more impactful and achievable, while also helping you maintain your focus when engaging in longer periods of study.

Designed to Fit Your Schedule

Every unit across all AIM Business School higher education programs follow the same uniform 7-week layout, which allows you to consistently fit study into your life. Your study tasks for each week, including the expected time required, are clearly listed to help you organise your schedule.

7-Week Unit Timeline

Supported by 1:1 Coaching

To ensure you make the most of your study, all AIM Business School students are supported by their own personal and dedicated Success Coach. Academic specialists for each unit, your Success Coach will be with you every step of the way to help you devise study plans, discuss your curriculum, and provide feedback on assessments.

Personalised Help

AIM provides 24/7 support services, giving all students access to prompt and ongoing help with any issues or concerns they may have, both personal and academic.

  • Services include: writing feedback, referencing and study tips, and online tutoring
  • A free Academic Study Skills unit
  • Student Assistance Program (confidential wellness/counselling service)

Premier Resources

A premier education requires access to the world’s best learning resources to assist in study. Through AIM you will gain unlimited access a variety of leading learning platforms including:

  • EBSCO (academic database)
  • IBISWorld (industry reports)