Student Handbook

If you are studying with AIM Business School, the student handbook contains useful information:

Student Information, Policies and Procedures

Staff and Academic Staff Policies and Procedures

Read the Staff and Academic Staff Policies and Procedures

Other Information


Course Codes

If you intend to seek student support payments from Services Australia, you will need to provide the relevant Internal Course Code below as part of your application to Services Australia.

Registered Course Code Internal Course Code (TCSI) Course Name
CRS1400301 39325 Graduate Certificate in Management
CRS1400302 39326 Graduate Diploma in Management
CRS1400303 41965 Master of Business Administration
CRS1400787 39400 Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship
CRS1400790 39402 Graduate Certificate in Project Management
CRS1400791 39403 Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Strategy
CRS1400788 39404 Graduate Certificate in Business Transformation
CRS1400785 39405 Graduate Certificate in Operational Excellence
CRS1400793 39406 Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Leadership
CRS1400786 39407 Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management
CRS1400792 39408 Graduate Certificate in Business

Reissuing Certificates

If you lose or damage a certificate issued to you by AIM you may apply to have it re-issued. The following charges apply:

Certificate of Attainment For partial completion of a qualification $33.00
Qualification and Transcript For completion of all the requirements for a qualification $55.00
Statement of Attendance For attending a training course Please contact our Client Services team for training/attendance queries.

If you wish to have a certificate reissued please complete the Application to Reissue AIM Certificate and submit it to Student Support. 

Media Consent Form

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