Faster Return on Investment

Get the smarter, greater, and faster return on your investment.

AIM Business School understands that our students are not seeking an expensive degree that inflates its costs based on unnecessary perceptions of prestige. What they want is a practical degree with benefits that will actually help them advance their career.

Studying with AIM Business School provides you all the same benefits of achieving an MBA from a top 5 provider, but for a more competitive price with no hidden fees and a greater return on your investment.



One of Australia’s most affordable MBA’s, with market leading outcomes.

No Hidden Fees


Your digital text books and library come at no additional cost.

Accelerated Impact


Complete in 1 year or 2 years part time.

Affordable Price

The MBA+ is one of Australia’s most cost-effective MBA programs, because we wanted to ensure that price is not the deciding barrier for the ambitious people chasing their career goals. The average MBA in Australia costs $57,353, while AIM Business School has a maximum tuition fee of $36,720, a price that can be supported with FEE-HELP or one of our uncapped scholarships. With a fully accredited outcome from Australia’s leading corporate educator, the MBA+ is the smarter investment.

Study at Your Own Pace

When you study at AIM Business School, you can select the study load that suits your schedule, your work, your life. We designed the MBA+ for you with a consistent unit length of 7 weeks and an accessible experience, and you can change your study load each semester to ensure it fits your life no matter what changes happen. You are able to attain your MBA+ in 1 year or 2 years studying part-time.

7-Week Unit Timeline

Comprehensive Study Pathway

Unlike the competition, nested within the 12 units of the MBA+ are two additional qualifications. You begin your study on this pathway with a Graduate Certificate that can be specialised to your field of interest (first 4 units), progress through to the Graduate Diploma of Management (second 4 units), and then achieve your MBA (final 4 units). This progression provides you both immediate impact at your work and long-lasting career growth.

3 Degrees, 1 Pathway

No Hidden Fees

Unlike many other providers, there are no hidden fees when you study with AIM Business School. Your tuition fees are the only thing that you will be charged for, while all other resources, such as your digital textbooks and 1:1 coaching, come at no additional cost.