AIM Business School is designed on a simple principle: we want the education we provide to work for you.

Our programs are designed to fit into your existing life, schedule, and commitments, whether that is full-time work, family responsibilities, or both. The MBA+ pathway leverages your past and present experiences, empowering you to think critically and strategically about the environment you operate in and enabling your career growth from day one.

We understand that you are seeking real, practical results from your education, which is why we prioritise the value you receive. From competitive tuition fees, to uncapped scholarships, to unlimited complimentary short course training for all students, AIM Business School ensures you are given the best opportunity to achieve your goals.

By choosing AIM Business School as your education provider, you will be empowered with the essential knowledge and skills needed to drive organisations forward and achieve real results in today’s dynamic business environment.

5 Reasons to Choose AIM Business School:

Designed to Fit Your Life

Choose the premier business education that is designed to fit your life

When making the choice to elevate your career and knowledge, it is essential that your study complements your existing commitments. AIM Business School has specifically built the MBA+ and our other higher education programs to contribute to your existing work-life balance, not take away from it.

Choosing to study at AIM Business School means choosing an education that is delivered 100% online, highly consumable, designed to fit into your existing schedule, and supported by 1:1 coaching.

100% Online


The MBA+ is built for working professionals and designed to support work-life balance.

Highly Consumable


AIM utilises a variety of video, written, and interactive media to create short 20 minute interactions.

Designed For Your Schedule


Every unit follows the same uniform 7-week layout, allowing you to consistently fit study into your life.

Get More, Go Further

Be empowered with greater study benefits and take your career further

AIM Business School is committed to making sure that our MBA+ program is unmatched in both its value and impact. By choosing us as your higher education provider, you will receive more than a fully accredited MBA to the same standard as all other Australian universities and institutes.

These added benefits include attaining three valued degrees through a single study pathway, unlimited short courses to gain additional skills, a premium student experience, and unmatched earning potential when you graduate.

3 Degrees 1 Pathway


Within the 12 units of your MBA+ are two additional qualifications.



Our graduates enjoy the highest median salary of all Australian postgraduate providers.

Premium Student Experience


AIM ranks well above average in the key areas of skills development, teaching practices and student experience.

Faster Return on Investment

Get the smarter, greater, and faster return on your investment.

AIM Business School understands that our students are not seeking an expensive degree that inflates its costs based on unnecessary perceptions of prestige. What they want is a practical degree with benefits that will actually help them advance their career.

Studying with AIM Business School provides you all the same benefits of achieving an MBA from a top 5 provider, but for a more competitive price with no hidden fees and a greater return on your investment.



One of Australia’s most affordable MBA’s, with market leading outcomes.

No Hidden Fees


Your digital text books and library come at no additional cost.

Accelerated Impact


Complete in 1 year or 2 years part time.

Uncapped Scholarships

Ensuring tuition is not an obstacle to you reaching your potential

You are committed to increasing your professional impact with practical business education. AIM Business School is committed to ensuring that Australia's most deserving and dedicated can access our premier higher education programs.

To continue our focus on developing the vital skills that form the backbone of Australia's business community, we are excited to offer an uncapped number of scholarships to prospective students.

Unlike most institutions we don’t place a cap on the number of students who can receive a scholarship. If you meet the criteria, we will support your scholarship application for:

AIM Business School Scholarships


Supporting the professional development of current and emerging Australian female leaders.

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AIM Business School Scholarships


Designed to help those who have recently experienced complications that negatively impact their professional lives.

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AIM Business School Scholarships


Developing the business capabilities of regionally-based managers to support essential regional economies.

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AIM Business School Scholarships


Helping the young and ambitious grow into the next generation of inspiring business leaders.

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AIM Business School Scholarships


For outstanding Indigenous Australians seeking the next step in their business careers.

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The AIM Gold Card

Unlock up to 5 years of exclusive industry-leading benefits

When choosing between education providers, we know that you want more than just a quality program and knowledgeable faculty; you want an entire culture and environment that facilitates your learning experience.

Your Gold Card provides you extensive benefits for up to 5 years, including free unlimited access to 100+ Short Courses from AIM’s 11 diverse Faculties, ensuring you gain a comprehensive and immediately applicable education.

Unlimited Short Courses


Complement your MBA study with unlimited and easy access to over 100 online, virtual, and on-campus Short Courses.



11 diverse Faculties to study with, from Communication to Project Management, for your comprehensive education.



Interactive learning that is applicable to your workplace, led by experienced facilitators with first-hand knowledge of everything they teach.