General FAQ

How long will I be able to use my Gold Card?

As long as you are actively progressing your study with AIM Business School or once you graduate, you can have up to five years of access. If you’re an existing student, four years of access, and if you’re a graduate, two years.

How do I find out my expiry date?

You can ask our friendly Student Support team to provide you with this information. Just call 1300 658 337 or email

When do I receive my Gold Card?

As soon as you lock in your next unit, you will receive your Gold Card within 10–14 business days.

What if I didn’t receive my Gold Card?

You can call the Student Support team on 1300 658 337 or email to request another card.

When would I need to show my Gold Card?

When you attend a Short Course or request access to an AIM Lounge, you will be asked to show your Gold Card and a form of ID upon check in.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a Gold Card?

You need to be actively progressing in your studies to be eligible for a Gold Card or have graduated from the AIM Business School in 2018 to the present date.

What happens if I graduate from AIM Business School? Is the card still active?

Yes — your Gold Card has a total of 5 years’ activation during your studies and after you graduate from AIM Business School, meaning you could have a number of years left to use the benefits.

Can I purchase the Gold Card?

Not at this present moment. The Gold Card is only available to AIM Business School students at this time.

What happens to my Gold Card if I withdraw from the course or stop studying?

The Gold Card will become deactivated. It will become active again as soon as you re-commence your studies.

What happens if I lose my card and need a replacement card?

We can replace the first card at no cost. Simply contact a representative at to request a replacement.

AIM Short Courses FAQ

How do I book into a short course?

Once you have enrolled into an AIM Business School course and have received your Gold Card, you will be provided a unique directory that provides precise instruction for how to find and book into your chosen course of interest.

What happens if I cannot attend a short course?

It’s important that you email the team at the specific location of your course and inform them that you can’t attend the short course. Please provide 10 days’ notice. You may also reschedule your course to a later date.






Can I book into any short course?

There are a number of available short courses that you can access through the Gold Card. Please view the short courses available listed on the course page. Please note: short courses are subject to availability and capacity.

What happens in my short course is cancelled?

If a short course that you have booked into is cancelled, you will be notified and we will be sure to book you into the next upcoming short course.

Will I get a confirmation email once I book in a short course?

Yes. You will receive a communication 10 days prior to your course commencing as a reminder.

How do I log into my online short course?

You will receive access 10 days prior to your course commencing. To log into your online short course, visit the myAIM portal. Use your existing myABS email address and password to log in to the myAIM portal. If you need assistance, please call the Student Support team on 1300 658 337.

How much does a short course usually cost?

Short courses range from $895–$5,000 depending on the number of workshop days, while our Virtual Learning Series range from $495–$895.

Are assessments included?

No. The same terms apply for standard short courses regarding assessments.

Which AIM short courses are accessible with the Gold Card?

View the full list of available Short Courses.