Dr Crosthwaite works as an Educator and a Leadership, HR, and strategic organisational change consultant. Cheryl has significant experience in industry consultation in the areas of leadership, HRM and organisational change. Cheryl has worked with an extensive range of national and international clients in consulting.

Cheryl has broad international experience. She has an MBA with a major in International Management and her doctoral research on Leadership was conducted in India. She has conducted numerous consulting and training work assignments in UAE and Qatar, where she lived, as well as visits to Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia. In 2021 Cheryl was selected as part of a five person team to work for the UN World Tourism Organization to conduct a rapid HR evaluation of Fiji’s Tourism Industry.

Areas of Specialisation

Cheryl has lectured in Strategic HRM (Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur campuses). and the art and Practice of Leadership at Victoria University (Kuala Lumpur campus). Cheryl has held two international teaching positions -the American University in Dubai, UAE, and Southern Cross University, Malaysia. Cheryl has previously worked as Unit Co-Ordinator for Strategic HRM at the College of Business, VU. She also facilitates the unit Leadership Challenges in the Master of Leadership and Leadership in Organisations in the MBA at Deakin University.

Cheryl is the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Human Resource Management unit. More recently, Cheryl has been working as a subject matter expert for the AIM business school in redesigning the unit Lead, Manage and Develop People.

Cheryl currently facilitates:

  • Lead, Manage and Develop People
  • Business research Methods
  • Human Resource Management.

Business Background

After a strong career in the public service (Victoria and NT) Cheryl became an expatriate consultant working in the Malaysian, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Indian and Tanzanian private and public sectors. She is mature and experienced, with a strong customer focus and high degree of professionalism, and believes strongly in a team approach to the provision of quality services. Her given her an excellent grounding in all avenues of management: leading, planning, organizing, and controlling.


  • Doctor of Business Administration (Leadership), University of Southern Queensland Australia
  • Master Business Administration (International Management), Northern Territory University, Australia
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Communication), La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia


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  • Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders
  • Member of the Australian Human Resource Institute


Cheryl was fantastic and earnt my immediate respect. Such a blessing having a tertiary-level educator with extensive working background to compliment. Perfect balance between theory/job experience that resonated with everyone in the room. Cheryl obviously has mastery of her subject matter, and was able to tactfully cater to everyone's needs in the group (from HR beginners to advanced) which isn't easy to do. She had great suggestions, and she has given us all significant take away's that will immediately be of use in my workplace.

Going into this course I had some grave hesitations around academic study as I have been diagnosed with Dyslexia. I wanted to write to you with much thanks to AIM and importantly Dr Crosthwaite who played an integral role in not only me signing up for the course but also feeling comfortable to undertake the course and believe in myself. Her ability to teach and adjust her teaching style to accommodate my needs was fantastic. Dr Crosthwaite was extremely diligent in following up with me regularly throughout the unit and really took time where I needed some guidance to ensure that I was able to understand various concepts.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you Cheryl for facilitating this course. I appreciated the insightful content in the sessions you held. These sessions proved to be invaluable.

Thanks very much Cheryl. I have thoroughly enjoyed the subject and whilst I am sure the webinars were difficult to facilitate, I thought you did a wonderful job. Thanks for passing on some of your knowledge!

Thank you for the unit. I thought it was fantastic. You did a great job and were very professional in your approach. I was particularly impressed with your ability to break key academic concepts down to a practical level. This was invaluable for my ability to comprehend.

I really enjoyed this unit and thank you for being such an excellent facilitator and coach. Without your help I couldnt have gone from a fail to a HD.