Until recently Bob Gilliver was a Senior Lecturer and the Program Director for all MBA Programs at The University of South Australia.  In that role he was responsible for about 1,000 MBA students in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Bob taught on all of those programs in those countries as well as being the Program Director. 

Previously he was the Director of the MBA in Singapore for the University of Adelaide, as well as teaching on both their Singapore and Hong Kong MBA programs.

For more than 10 years Bob was also teaching on the European Summer School of Advanced Management, as part of Consortium, which brought together 8 of the world’s best MBAs. For several years he was Chairman of the Consortium.

He also taught in Singapore on a full-time basis from 1996-1998.   

Areas of Specialisation

For AIM Business School Bob regularly teaches two of the compulsory MBA courses, Managing Financial Resources, and also Business Decision Making and Analysis. He was co-author of both of these courses.

Bob has also taught Leading and Managing People on the AIM Business School MBA, and he currently teaches Strategic Management for other Universities in Australia.  

Business Background

For more than 20 years Bob held senior management roles as Finance Manager, Controller, and Finance Director for a variety of Australian based public and private companies in industries as diverse as packaging, brewing, merchant banking and the television industry. Professionally he held roles as:

  • Chairman of the Australian & New Zealand Pulp & Paper Industry Technical Association in Queensland
  • Executive Director of the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (Queensland)
  • Inaugural Executive Director of the Committee for Development of Youth Employment in Australia.


Bob holds the qualifications of Bachelor of Commerce from the University of NSW and an MBA from Deakin University in Victoria, Australia. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Charles Sturt University in Australia researching risk management in the Australian wine industry, as it adapts to climate change.

Community service

Outside of professional pursuits, Bob served as Chairman of the Australian Government’s peak advisory body on youth affairs (The National Youth Advisory Group). In this capacity he led the inaugural Australian Government Delegation of Youth to China. 

Served as a National Board member of the Association of Apex Clubs of Australia for 5 years, eventually serving as National President. He was a Director of the Apex Foundation for Research into Mental Retardation and an ARTSA Founders Fund Scholarship winner to South Africa. He represented Apex Australia at international conferences in London, Malta, South Africa, India, Solomon Islands and USA.

Bob was Rotary Group Study Exchange student to Italy for 3 months.


Bob is an outstanding educator and by far the best and most respectful I have encountered!

He has a personable style that is genuine and focussed on ensuring we have the maximum learning experience. He provides practical examples and encourages student input without any pressure, negativity or bias.

Please ensure you look after this lecturer, he is a true asset to your organisation and an asset to those fortunate enough to be in his lectures.

Very motivated and knowledgeable. Very approachable and offers to help.  Great at giving feedback that enables you to improve.

It is a complex unit, but Bob was able to explain the concept clearly, at times better than the textbook. He also encouraged class participation, regardless of the big class size. His response to email inquiries was also prompt. Thank you Bob.

Very very good at explaining concepts so they could be understood. 

Noteworthy is the fact that almost all of the participants attend every lecture, stay online for the entire lecture, participate with confidence and are all treated with respect and as adults.

Bob was fantastic in what is a tricky subject. He explained both the theory and the practical.  

Instead of repeating what is provided in the slide decks, Bob created specific webinar presentations to discuss gaps in the materials or, discuss concepts that were critical. This made learning more digestible and the webinars more interesting.

I really do wish I had Bob for other units, he eliminates unnecessary stress and provides genuine support. I was therefore able to have far more focus on enjoying the learning and applying this in the workplace.