3 things you need to know about the AIM Business School MBA

Monday, May 8, 2017 - 10:00
AIM Blog - 3 things you need to know about the AIM Business School MBA

Are you looking to future-proof your career through postgraduate study but you're unsure which program will provide the greatest immediate and long-term value? An MBA is one of the most highly-regarded and popular postgraduate qualifications available. Designed for managers and professionals to take the next big step in their careers, the MBA is seen as the gold standard in organisational leadership qualifications. We often receive questions about what makes the AIM Business School MBA so unique, so we thought we’d explore three things you need to know about  our accredited MBA program and how it could benefit your career.

1. What does flexible study mean at the AIM Business School?

In today’s fast-paced world, we know it’s a huge decision to take on postgraduate study. Trying to balance your professional life with your personal life can be tough enough, so we understand it’s unreasonable to expect you to drop everything. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to get started with flexible intake periods, you can start on your own terms. You can also study at your own pace by choosing the units you’d like to study and how many of them you can manage at once. Best of all, you can study on-campus in select states or online which means you can study when it suits you, wherever you are!  At AIM Business School, online study means that you can study in the comfort of your own home, on the bus or even at the beach - postgraduate study is adaptable and flexible. It’s your study, your pace, your rules - your MBA.

2. How practical is the MBA for my career?

With such a significant investment of your time and finances, it's essential that you can get great value and immediate benefits from your study program, well before you graduate. The AIM Business School MBA is designed to leverage your unique professional experience, allowing you to gain deeper understanding of the knowledge and skillsets in business, leadership and management. Whether that involves leveraging experience you’ve gained from previous roles or applying assessments to your current role or organisation, the AIM Business School MBA provides maximum benefits to students by encouraging you to learn from your own professional life. With no exams, emphasis is placed on real-world application through assessments that are designed to immediately benefit your career and your organisation - it’s the ultimate return-on-investment.

3. Who will be teaching me and what does their industry experience look like?

Leveraging 75 years’ at the forefront of management training and education, AIM is one of the most established private education institutions in Australia. The AIM Business School MBA program is taught by faculty with the highest levels of academic credentials as well as a wealth of first-hand industry knowledge, gained from their own extensive senior business leadership experience. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn from your fellow cohort within the AIM Business School, as our MBA student cohort is made up of a diverse range of experienced professionals from a wide variety of industries around Australia.

We know that postgraduate study is a significant investment, both in time and money, which is why the AIM Business School MBA is designed to provide students with the maximum return on your investment. Through practical study options, real-world application of learning and our industry-leading faculty and curriculum, the AIM Business School MBA is the ideal postgraduate study program if you’re an experienced professional looking to take the next leap in your career. 

Do you still have a few questions about the AIM Business School MBA? Contact us today on 1300 658 337 and one of our Senior Training Advisors would be more than happy to assist.