‍Arvid Petersen

With over 26 years of experience as an investor, CEO, and board member of training and education companies, including Higher Education (HE) providers, as the Chairman of the Scentia Board, Arvid Petersen oversees the strategic direction of AIM Business School (ABS) and the management of its business as a higher education provider.

Jeremy Davis

With prior experience as a Dean and Academic Board President, Jeremy Davis provides strategic guidance on curriculum, student assessment and progression, and academic standards and governance. With more than 30 years’ experience as a company director and strategy consultant, he also provides guidance on key business functions of AIM Business School as a HE provider.

Andrew Mills

Andrew Mills has been involved in the education sector for 25 years working in an executive leadership capacity. More recently over the last decade, he has also held several executive and non-executive board roles with education entities. Andrew provides oversight and guidance on strategy, corporate governance, and risk management. More specifically for AIM Business School, Andrew also works closely with the business on operational and commercial issues. He also provides direction on governance and compliance with TEQSA and other regulatory matters.

Ben Foote

As CEO, Ben Foote oversees the implementation of the business and education strategic direction of the Scentia Board. He leads the Senior Leadership Team of AIM Business School to formulate and implement strategies for its management as a Higher Education provider and oversees all key business functions of AIM Business School, including education operations, marketing sales, HR, and compliance.

Peter Mobbs

Peter Mobbs has spent 15+ years in various roles in the private education sector and provides strategic and education-specific direction in the areas of higher education management. Peter provides input on all key business areasof ABS such as governance, sales, marketing, product development, HR, technology, compliance, and provides specific expertise on education operations and the student experience.

Danny Samson

Danny Samson has spent 30 years as professor in a leading university, where he has been a member of academic board and served in various leadership roles, as well as being an experienced curriculum designer, lecturer, researcher, commercial and government board member and consultant. As he also serves as Chairman of AIMET’s academic board, he works to ensure sound connection between academic governance and overall strategic leadership of AIMET.

Melanie Strong

Melanie represents CHAMP Ventures, one of the major investors in Scentia. She joined CHAMP Ventures in June 2006 and provides strategic advice to the ABS business and has helped many companies during their investment period and during their transformation due to growth opportunities and challenges.