Unit Description

Innovation is key to the sustainability of an organisation. Therefore, strategic leaders must develop and maintain a fearless culture of enquiry and creativity. Such leadership demands an understanding of the interactive elements that contribute to the effective and sustainable organisation: its structure, people, politics, symbols, and cultural nuances. This unit will provide you with a thorough and advanced understanding of how to lead innovation in your organisation.


There are no prerequisites for this unit.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and critically evaluate core sustainability, innovation, and resilience concepts as they apply to the environment, society, and economy broadly; and the sustainable organisation specifically
  • Identify the key contributions of people as individuals and as a collective community of common practice to the generation of innovative, resilient, and sustainable futures
  • Engage with leadership concepts that integrate concepts of sustainability, innovation, and resilience with issues of organisational change, risk, and opportunity
  • Develop skills in generating and developing new ideas that contribute to the sustainable business/sustaining organisation
  • Think and act in an ethical and sustainable manner
  • Demonstrate a high order of skill in critical research and analysis, review and evaluation, critical thinking, communication, and professional application
  • Demonstrate creativity and flexibility in the application of knowledge and skills to new situations, to resolving problems, and to think rigorously and independently
  • Challenge outdated organisational and business concepts, practices, and thinking, and encourage and support the exploration and adoption of new concepts, practices, and thinking in a professional and collegiate manner

Graduate Attributes

AIM Business School has identified a set of attributes that positively impact graduates’ success in business as a manager and leader and these are taught, developed, and assessed to varying degrees in this unit. These Graduate Attributes are:

  • Strives for intellectual rigour
  • Understanding the changing global context
  • Manages for success
  • Demonstrates effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Develops mastery of business and management disciplines
  • Strives to be a continuous adult learner

Assessment Tasks

The successful completion of Leading for Innovation and Sustainability relies on the submission of three assessments:

  • Assessment Task 1: Organisational Report (35%)
  • Assessment Task 2: Business Case Proposal (50%)
  • Assessment Task 3: Engagement and Participation (15%)