Choose professional growth this summer

External forces and unpredictable events throughout the past two years have disrupted routines, forced us to stagnate in uncertainty, and often made it feel like time is standing still. But the reality is that calendars have kept moving forward, even if your career ascension has not.

Summer comes early this year as AIM Summer School returns from November to help you reclaim the time you lost to the chaos. Our campuses will be hosting a vast range of highly impactful training programs through to March, enabling you to jumpstart 2022 by undertaking intensive higher education study that allows you to achieve your career goals faster. 

While summer lasts for just a season, the expertise you can gain will last a lifetime.

Seize your summer | Seize the future


Join like-minded highly motivated individuals for three days of practical face-to-face delivery.

Sign up for AIM Summer School to fast-track your career through the completion of dedicated intensive face-to-face units.

Backed by AIM Business School, you will be able to undertake intensive and impactful higher education units that give you the confidence and capability to complete your entire qualification. Choose from postgraduate single units, functionally aligned Graduate Certificates, or our market-leading MBA

Delivered in three intensive days, participants will benefit from accelerated and guided face-to-face learning where they will be able to complete 1 of 3 assignments and be well on their way to completing the remaining 2. Participants will then receive access to our refreshed online learning portal to engage with learning materials, continue their unit, and submit their final assessments.

Postgraduate Single Units:
Knowledge | Confidence | Impact

Study on your terms and unlock your potential with a Postgraduate Single Unit that aligns directly to your goals. These individual units come directly from our leading MBA program and provide you with the same premier education experience without the long-term commitment.

These courses are for the leaders, present and future, who recognise the value of understanding, not just knowing, those who want to be the best at what they do and become indispensable.

Graduate Certificates:
Depth | Breadth | Recognition

AIM Business School offers an extensive range of 9 Graduate Certificates to provide the precise academic knowledge and training needed for your career success, no matter what function or industry you work in.

Every Graduate Certificate is part of our MBA Pathway, allowing you to begin your education journey with deep functional alignment in your preferred area. Then you will go on to attain broad leadership and management capabilities with the Graduate Diploma in Management. Finally, you will complete your Master of Business Administration.

The Masters with More

Australia’s number one postgraduate provider for salary outcomes, AIM Business School is uniquely positioned to provide you with unmatched value and leading outcomes.

The MBA+ will equip you with the theory, framework and skills to tackle challenges you may face in the complex business environment – be transformed and gain a qualification that provides you with the ability to apply the latest theory and ideas to real-life situations as you study with the maximum flexibility.